Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Safe Mode: a demo for a very limited time


I'm always a little bit weird when it comes to releasing demos before the actual finished songs are available - many is the time a younger Ben Marwood has been disappointed by studio versions simply because they aren't the demos he was used to, but then again young Ben was quite the idiot.

For the past few weeks, a demo of Safe Mode has been available on Bandcamp even though a studio version won't follow for a while, and we had some t-shirts printed too.

Safe Mode demo
Safe Mode tees

And lo, at roughly midnight on the 1st of December, the Safe Mode demo will come back down for a while. I'm a sucker for a holiday special, so perhaps it will be back for Christmas Day. Can't have you getting too attached though.

Thanks to all new friends who came out to the German tour. I am still so full of food. How do you people walk around having eaten so much so regularly?

My final show of the year is at the Rising Sun Arts Centre on 16th December, a holiday blowout with my good friends Non Canon and Band of Hope. Come on down, there are still some tickets. It's in Reading.

I'm off to learn some Christmas songs.

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