Thursday, 18 April 2013

gigs and tickets and sugar and spice and all things whatever

Hello bloggers!

It is with great pleasure that I can give an update on the Back Down tour supports, tickets, door charges and such. In the run-up to the dates, I'll be keeping the gigs page on the website updated as much as possible, so head over to there for regular updates.

Below is the list: four ticketed shows, two pay-on-the-door and four free shows. I think it's a nice mix, and I'm intensely proud of the supports who have been willing to give up their time to join me. As well as below there'll be other supports tbc. I really can't wait to get out and play some new songs, catch up with people and issue some high-fives.

See you there!

17 London Camden Monarch // [[facebook]]
----18+, free show, w/Kyle Evans of Retrospective Soundtrack Players
18 Reading Rising Sun Arts Centre // [[facebook]] // [[tickets]]
----18+, w/Oxygen Thief and Jay Newton

1 Leicester Cookie Jar // [[facebook]] // [[tickets]]
----14+, w/My Name Is Ian
2 Birmingham Bright House **EARLY onstage 8pm** // [[facebook]]
----18+, free show, w/My Name Is Ian
3 York Black Swan // [[facebook]] // [[tickets]]
----18+, w/Helen Chambers
4 Dundee Cerberus Bar // [[facebook]]
----18+, free show, w/Dave Hughes
5 Edinburgh Pivos // [[facebook]]
----18+, free show, w/Dave Hughes and Mark McCabe
Manchester Bay Horse // [[facebook]]
----18+, £5 on the door, w/Helen Chambers and Mark McCabe
7 Cheltenham Frog and Fiddle // [[facebook]]
----18+, £4 on the door (£3 NUS), w/Jim Lockey and Oxygen Thief
8 Bristol The Louisiana // [[facebook]] // [[tickets]]
----16+, w/Oxygen Thief

Sunday, 14 April 2013

pre-order in the court

Yes, it's true, it wasn't all a big dream, Back Down is still coming out on the 13th May on digital download and CD.

With Xtra Mile being professionals and all, I'm sure there'll be no shortage (especially with downloads being, y'know, infinite) but just in case you absolutely 100% cannot sleep without being safe in the knowledge that there's a copy out there reserved especially for you, here are the ways that you - yes, you - can pre-order it to your heart's content.

I would definitely recommend it.

Why not pick up three?


Xtra Mile shop
Banquet Records

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Under Lock and Key, and more for free

I know, I know, I only posted recently. Two posts close together? I need (another) hobby.

Some great news though: for the month of April the wonderful Xtra Mile Recordings are Amazon's free label spotlight. That's great news for Xtra Mile because it will presumably mean that they get tax breaks (arf, a big corporate joke), and it's good news for you because it means you can pick up a sampler called Good Hangs as a download for absolutely free. Or, as it's known around here, a free download.

My new single 'Under Lock and Key' is included in the package, but the full list is right here for your perusal:

1. Frank Turner - Tattoos [demo]
2. Jim Lockey & the Solemn Sun - England's Dead
3. Dave Hause - Melanin
4. Future of the Left - Real Meaning of Christmas
5. Mongol Horde - Casual Threats From Weekend Hardmen
6. Fighting With Wire - Didn't Wanna Come Back Home
7. Glossary - Keep It Coming
8. Straight Lines - Ring The Bell
9. Sonic Boom Six - Virus (single mix)
10. Ben Marwood - Under Lock and Key
11. Fighting Fiction - The Long and Short of It
12. Franz Nicolay - Hearts of Boston
13. Vinnie Caruana - To Be Dead and In Love
14. Tim Barry - 40 Miler
15. Beans On Toast - Angry Birds


Monday, 1 April 2013

back down 2013: more show announcements and all details!

Urgh, my voice. Yesterday was Lexapalooza, a wonderful charity all-dayer run by some friends of mine which is worth the suggested donation of £5. I shouted all day, including through my set midway through the day, then I spent all my money, spent everyone else's money, and took the opportunity to take in some of the best small acts the UK has to offer, both loud and quiet, including Mark McCabe, Oxygen Thief in a rare full-band show, Retrospective Soundtrack Players and one of the final gigs of superhero six-piece cock-rockers Justice Force 5, which really did have to be seen to be believed. Thanks to all of you who came, I am truly suffering.

It was lovely to catch up with everyone, which in turn has reminded me a) that my tour this year is going to be a lot of fun, and b) i should really get around to letting you know full details about the tour. So here we go. I'm excited to be heading out on my first headline tour for eighteen months, and finally finally finally get the second album out. I'm delighted (yes, delighted) to be joined on the road by a collective of friends and more-talented musicians and I wanted to include so many of them on the tour that there was no way I could confirm any 'official' tour support. As a result, the line-up is different for every single show (though London supports are tbc as I type this) but every night is guaranteed to be either entertaining or, failing that, totally free.

Hey, you get what you pay for.

all shows 18+ unless specified

17 LONDON Camden Monarch - free show!
18 READING Rising Sun Arts Centre (w/Oxygen Thief, Jay Newton) - tickets

1 LEICESTER Cookie Jar @ Crumblin' Cookie - (14+)
2 BIRMINGHAM Bright House - free early show! curfew 9pm
3 YORK Black Swan (w/Helen Chambers, Jonny Gill) - tickets
4 DUNDEE Cerberus Bar (w/Dave Hughes) - free show
5 EDINBURGH Pivo (w/Dave Hughes, Mark McCabe) - free show
6 MANCHESTER The Bay Horse (w/Helen Chambers, Mark McCabe)
7 CHELTENHAM Frog and Fiddle (w/Oxygen Thief)
8 BRISTOL Louisiana (w/Oxygen Thief) - tickets - (16+)

See you all down the front. Can't wait