Wednesday, 16 October 2013

As never seen on TV

The nights are drawing in, the air has a chill in it, and somewhere some evil bastard is compiling a Christmas playlist for supermarket radio nationwide. England will soon be in the grip of winter, and there's not a damn thing you or me or Professor Brian Cox can do about it. What did they teach you, Brian?

Anyway, as newspapers report that we're facing a brand new ice age, the worst winter ever contemplated and, in the Mail's case, that we may as well start sacrificing our illegal immigrants immediately (probably, I haven't checked, but it's quite likely isn't it?) to use as fuel, I at least have some good news to warm your hearts and give your eyes something to focus on as the icy hand of Jack Frost - the seasonal character, not the detective played by David Jason - prepares to make our cold water feel colder and our gardens a barren place of woe.

Am I overdoing it?

New tour dates! London, Reading, Cardiff and York
Sure as eggs are eggs, I have some shows to end the year. They go like this:

22 - LONDON - Camden Monarch (free!)
24 - READING - Rising Sun Arts Centre (w/Franz Nicolay) // tickets
30 - CARDIFF - Moon Club (w/Ieuan Williams) // tickets

13 - YORK - The Black Swan (w/Jonny Gill + more) // tickets
14 - YORK - The Black Swan (w/Helen Chambers + more) // tickets

You can even get tickets at the link above, and if you're mental and wish to attend both York shows, there's a special combi-ticket right here.

Ben Morse wants to show you how good he is at stuff
Did you know that videographer, director, photographer and Vitamin Water enthusiast Ben Morse is really good at being a videographer and also directing, photograpy and.. er.. enjoying vitamin water?

Here's him showing you how good he is at three of those above four things.

And finally.. Xtra Mile welcomes Oxygen Thief!
The final member of the Exclamation Triumvirate (as Oxygen Thief, Jim Lockey and I never call ourselves) has finally been claimed by the good people of Xtra Mile Recordings. It's been a long time coming, and about time too. The good folk at Xtra Mile will be releasing Oxygen Thief's first full-band release Accidents Do Not Happen, They Are Caused on 9th December. Can't wait! You can catch him on tour everywhere, and if you need any more information than that, I don't know what to suggest., perhaps.

Stay warm!