Thursday, 21 May 2015

Take life advice from Ben Marwood

I think it's been long enough now since the election to come out of hiding. The people shouting across Facebook have settled and will go back to the e-petitions, normal petitions, protests and word-spreading whilst we wait for the next General Election to roll around a few years down the line. I'll be honest - I was saddened by the result, but in no way surprised.

You're due a health update, I guess. That'll be along soon, but if we're catching up on news we may as well start with me being a temporary agony aunt over on the XMR Hub a few months back.

See me answer questions such as:
What happens if you put a werewolf on the moon?
What is your favourite irrational number?
What is the capital of East Timor?

Neat eh? You can find it on the Ask XMR page, dated 05/04/2015.

b. x