Thursday, 15 February 2018

Three Benboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Sure, I could photoshop some billboards to go with the heading - Three Billboards is a good film, incidentally, and if you like watching good films then Three Billboards is a good film you could see - but life is short and time is precious so here is some news, not in billboard format:

1. UK Tour in April
Barry is hard at work routing a UK tour that a) hits as many places as possible in nine days and b) makes sure I'm in Reading on Wrestlemania evening, or else various members of my family are going to decapitate me. So far we have these dates:

5 NEWPORT Le Pub tickets
6 NOTTINGHAM JT Soar tickets
9 SOUTHAMPTON Joiners tickets
10 BRISTOL The Exchange tickets
11 LONDON The Monarch tickets
14 MANCHESTER Aatma tickets

Supports are TBC and I suspect there'll be two or three more shows to add to that before the next week rolls around. Unfortunately we can't get to Scotland this time but plans are afoot for some informal whisky tasting evenings disguised as gigs later on in the year.

2. 2000Trees #mainstage
I know, I know. Thursday 12th July I'll open the main stage at last, and it only took years of people yelling it in crowds. It's a good job they weren't shouting "car park".

It'll be a great pleasure to finally get to step out onto the main stage since this is the work of tireless years of espionage, counter-espionage, bribing, vote rigging and playing every other stage I could find. Apart from the busking one next to the silent disco. Who wants to busk when you can silently disco?

3. 2000Trees warmup show
I'm honoured to be invited along to this year's All Roads To Frome at Cheese & Grain, Frome. It'll be on the 23rd of June, which just so happens to be the exact day I'll be playing a gig in Frome for the very first time. What are the odds? 1.

I couldn't find a ticket link so here, have this Facebook event.

Y'all take care now.