Thursday, 20 March 2014

Best in shows

March! Spring has sprung! We all clubbed together to get on Facebook to cure cancer by wearing no make-up (because of some logic) and in 2017 there's going to be a new £1 coin that doubles as a ninja star. Rejoice! March! Spring!

I'm sat on a gig island, stranded between shows whilst the sharks of normal, everyday life circle - mostly housework and the impending end of the tax year, although those are just pet names. To try and make it look like I'm doing something arty and worthwhile, here's an update on things to come, things that have been and whatever else is left over.

Haven't won the lottery yet.

February shows with Retrospective Soundtrack Players
Ah yes! A giant-sized THANK YOU to everyone who came out to the shows with the RSP and I in February. After all these years doing this, they were the first shows for which I've ever (headline) toured with a band and I'm not sure I could have asked for a more enthusiastic and almost-puzzlingly-keen group of people. Cheltenham, Leeds, Southampton and London all nearly hit capacity, and Swindon also happened. Me and the guys did some band numbers and there were a couple of new songs on offer. All told: good work. Maybe we'll do it again sometime.

I also had the pleasure of playing a sit-down show in Colchester - note: I was standing up, everyone else was sat down - and my first headline show in Kingston ever ended up being all sold out and I got heckled by a man who sounded just like Andy Parsons but wasn't. The fun we have on the road.

The RSP and I spoke to a dude about going on tour together, finally..
.. the dude in question being my good buddy Rob Escott. It's all about why it's taken us so long to get our shit together, the Xtra Mile family, influences and other stuff like that. Concise! It's a good read and it can be read right here.

Hey, look, I still have shows in April, May and June!
Get your tickets so I don't worry about whether anyone will turn up, and come and see me at the following halls of sound:

13.04.14 NOTTINGHAM JT Soars // Bring Your Own Beer!!
14.04.14 MANCHESTER Star & Garter
17.04.14 GLASGOW Glad Cafe
19.04.14 YORK Black Swan
09.05.14 BRISTOL The Louisiana
13.05.14 READING South Street Arts Centre
31.05.14 CARDIFF Moon Club
05.06.14 DERBY Ryans Bar
06.06.14 DURHAM Old Cinema Launderette

For updates on support and ticket info, head on over to the gigs page.