Saturday, 30 January 2016

OTAC is 5 today (and yours for free)

"Hey, Xtra Mile?", the phone conversation began, "It's me, Ben Marwood. Outside There's A Curse is five years old at the end of January and I'd like to give it away for free."

Actually come to think of it, this was all over email. I'm rubbish on the phone. Anyway, after some discussion about what kind of 5th birthday party I was going to throw it (a superhero party was agreed), and after I had overcome the sudden, inexplicable urge to eat jelly and ice cream, Xtra Mile gave the go-ahead, and here we are.

Today, 31st January 2016, my debut album from 2011 is entirely, spectacularly free from Bandcamp for the whole 24-hour UK time period.

Outside There's A Curse is, as far as Ben Marwood albums go, pretty popular. It was my first Xtra Mile release, it was reviewed in Kerrang! which in my eyes makes an Actual Album, it has 'Singalong' on it, it has the Postal Service cover on it and even as a man who is often sick of hearing his own songs in recorded format before they're even finished being recorded, I can listen to OTAC all the way through without accidentally clawing my own eyes out.

I'm very proud of it, but apparently not everyone in the world has heard it. If you don't own it already, this is your chance.

Go get it here, and spread the word:

Outside There's A Curse (link expired)