Friday, 26 February 2010

february is cancelled

it's taken nearly four weeks to settle down, and i haven't even settled down.

february was/is a blur of recording action, and tomorrow morning i'll be up with the birds (assuming birds get up at 8am) to head down to White House and mix a few more songs. by my calculations, there'll be just three left to finish by the end of tomorrow, and that's a great feeling. i can't wait to get this record out from under my feet and.. then who knows what i'll do? it all depends on how the record is received and how things pan out in 2010.

i've been confirmed for 2000 Trees on the Friday, the same day as Frank Turner is playing alongside a host of other excellent folk types, so there'll be at least one festival date this year even if you do all have to wait until July. i'm also now playing with Chris T-T at Reading's Oakford in March.

oh, and i finally took a holiday, off to Florida. i have a feeling i'll be seeing a lot more of it, although perhaps in the future i'll refrain from booking gigs on the same day i fly back to the UK. i slept for ten hours on a sofa bed in Brighton which has apparently never been described as 'comfortable', although i swear it was the best night's sleep i've ever had, and ten hours counts as two nights' sleep for me these days. thanks to the lovely people of Stick In A Pot for extending their home to me.

fingers crossed for tomorrow.