Friday, 24 July 2009

ben marwood vs edit radio

i was recently invited by surely my oldest friend - in terms of time that we've been friends, at 28 and a half he's not that old - Kevin Lawson to guest present an episode of new-fangled podcast Edit Radio.

since i was a nipper i enjoyed daydreaming about DJing, and whilst i've guested on various shows, from pirates to the BBC, today marks the first day i've been allowed to do things unsupervised.

the end result is 77 minutes of the best in alt/indie/folk, from new records from Brendan Benson and The Thermals to classics from Grandaddy, Weezer and Dead Prez; from Fight Like Apes to Future of the Left; from Johnny Flynn to Jim Lockey and other things which don't fit into this alliterative theme.

You can download it now, here:

One more childhood goal: completed.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

drama drama drama

A quick apology to anyone waiting for their copy of the record: the initial supply of the EP is now officially sold out, but more copies are on the way to the distributor as we speak. It's a shame that your reward for supporting the record is a frustrating delay, but sit tight, if you have an order in place it will be with you before long.

If you've ordered the record online and you're still waiting for it to arrive, forward your order confirmation to me (there's a contact option on, and i'll get mp3s out to you asap.

See, told you it would be quick.

Monday, 6 July 2009

hey you!! Let's Wrestle!!

excuse the excalamation marks, i just thought you might like to know i'm supporting Let's Wrestle (suddenly) this Wednesday at the Oakford Social Club. free show, as far as i'm aware, doors 8ish.

they're good friends of Pete and the Pirates, which makes them alright by me.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

free mp3 with the new EP

yeah, yeah, another EP reminder.

Exclamation at Asterisk Hash is out on 13th July, and whilst I pointed everyone last month to Amazon and HMV, I neglected to mention my independent friends at Townsend Records, so here's a revised set of buy links..

Amazon UK:
Amazon US:
HMV UK:;-1;-1;-1;-1&sku=991054

oh yeah, and if you order it you get a free mp3
yep, i've been hard at work finishing demos for The Future, so i'm offering up a free demo of beard-growing, foot-stomping live favourite 'Singalong' to anyone good enough to pick up a copy of the EP between now and the end of August. this is an exclusive deal - it won't make it to, nor to myspace so you can steal it with your cheeky browser plugins.

great, how do i get it?
easy. once youve ordered, take a screengrab of your order confirmation or account screen or whatever (uninitiated - you probably have a prt scrn button somewhere on your keyboard, the results of which you can bung into Word or Paint or something), and then ping it over to with the subject line BEARDS. alternatively, wait til it arrives and take a cheesy picture of yourself with it. see, easy. any questions?