Monday, 30 October 2017

Autumn for Benjamin in Germany

Hello neighbour!

The clocks have gone back, did you notice? Of course, you did, because we've been stumbling around in the dark all day in tears, bumping into things.

This Saturday I play in Bolton at the Alma Inn. The show is free, it's an all-day thing, and it's the first time I've ever been to Bolton so, hey, there's that.

Since it's so dark over here, my good friend Nick Parker and I are off on a Science Mission to use some Science to work out whether it's darker here, or darker in Germany (and once, Belgium). Our results will be published in secret and never revealed. EVER.

Anyway, here are the dates:

NOVEMBER (w/Nick Parker)
17 Leefdaal, Belgium House Show
18 Rulle, Germany House Show
19 Hannover, Germany House Show
21 Langenberg, Germany House Show
22 Duisburg, Germany House Show
23 Marburg, Germany Molly Malone's

I'm pretty excited about all this, because I get to sample the famous Belgio-Deutsch* hospitality first hand in people's actual houses, able to speak none of their native language, and I get to hang out with Nick Parker. Oh and hot on the heels of having never been to Bolton, I have also never been to Germany. Or Belgium. Or, come to think of France. Or Ireland. Or..

Enough! I'm looking forward to some time on The Mainland and perfecting the art of the European House Show. I'm a huge fan of a songwriter named Will Johnson (you can hear his work here and here) and playing house shows in Texas are pretty much how he spends his time and hey, if house shows are good enough for him..

If you're in the area and you'd like to come to one of these shows, please contact us on Twitter or via Facebook and we'll do our best.

Alles klar, etc

*not a word

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