Thursday, 21 June 2018

Ben Marwood? Well, he's no Randy Newman.

Hello blog,

Where to even begin? The sun is out, we're at the start of Summer and life is rumbling along. You know where it's good to be between May and August? Outside all the time. I would happily play no shows every summer if it meant more time looking for bats, bees, butterflies and other names of stuff that fit this alliterative model. If only hornets were called bornets. But, alas. Balas.

But, you know, sometimes you have to sacrifice evenings and hole yourself up in a rehearsal room with a band and then play some gigs. On my drive to hit forty shows in support of latest album Get Found, I offer to you the following shows for June/July:

#34: Sat 23rd June FROME All Roads Lead To Frome (all dayer)
fb event / tickets

#35: Thu 12th July 2000TREES FESTIVAL Main Stage
#36: Sat 14th July  2000TREES FESTIVAL Forest Session
line-up, tickets etc

#37: Sun 15th July READING Readipop Festival
line-up, tickets etc

Everything is set to lead up to show #40, which should be the Fulford Arms on October the 20th in York.

Other stuff:
I was interviewed for issue #49 of Stencil Magazine. Here are some highlights:

Or maybe

We do talk about other things too. The full (gigantic) mag is here.

Other than that, the best album I've heard lately has been by brand new up-and-comer Randy Newman. 'Dark Matter' is out now and well worth a listen. Suspend your disbelief! The man is like a musician who accidentally swallowed a showreel.

I'll leave you with his recent Tiny Desk Concert for NPR.

Stay suncreamed.

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