Saturday, 30 June 2012

help, i'm trapped in my bedroom


I think if the Internet, and the letters to the editor section in magazines, has proved anything, it's that people will tell other people absolutely anything. If only I structured my time on this blog better, I can only imagine the kinds of things I'd post.

During my average week, I think "Hah! I will write about this in my blog", with the same self-importance that Radiohead fans displayed on their livejournals about seven or eight years ago. Luckily for you I have a Blackberry, which is about as good at posting to Blogger as it is at getting off its shiny ass and making me a cup of tea, and by the time I have zombie-slouched* my way to the nearest computer, all the important** things I have to say have been negated and replaced by "I should check my emails/Facebook/Twitter/Myspace/the news".

Today, I woke up early. Today it was pretty important that I didn't wake up too early and got a lot of sleep. I can't sleep. Normally, it's not that my body doesn't want to sleep, I just don't want to let it - having a day job and then coming home to music-related work has meant I have finally been able to reach the same heights as my Dad did in his thirties, where he worked all hours of the day and had kids to help look after. Music is my children. Put that on a press release/t-shirt/permanent marker in the cubicle walls of the Barfly***.

Anyway, today I want to sleep, but my body is taking revenge. So, unable to begin recording for the day until my voice wakes up in a few hours, instead I thought I'd write some blog posts, and schedule them for the Future. Expect news on the 2000Trees performance, a brief waltz down memory lane and, with any luck, some other unexpectedly great news. First though, here is the kind of thing I would've told you about if I'd actually made it to a computer in time:

My brother has a really bad stomach ache
For when my brother had appendicitis. He's still off work.

I am glad England are out of the Euros
Because watching them killing off every game was like watching Italy do the same about four years ago. International football is about attacking and chaos and beauty, like Walcott and Oxlade-Chamberlain. It is not about cramming ten people into a penalty box and forming a human shield across the goal. France and Italy frankly looked embarrassed to be having to play us.

2012: the unintentional year off?
The other day I played Glastonbury Fringe Festival (thanks if you came), and that is my fifth show of the year. My fifth show, in the sixth month of the year. Things aren't looking likely to pick up until I get the new album done either - but rest assured that whilst I'm not doing much in the way of gigs likely for most of the year, I'm not just sat around watching TV.

(Also, as an addendum to the Glastonbury gig: some sound men shouldn't be allowed to operate in professional circles.)

The new Future of the Left album is so good
And, for the hundredth time, go and buy it:

Gosh, the rest is just too boring to even mention.

*lack of sleep, I will explain some other day..