Sunday, 1 July 2012

2000Trees: pick a set, any set


I find this year's 2000Trees to be a daunting prospect. I could explain why, but I won't. Here at Ben Marwood Towers the new record isn't finished or scheduled for release, so it would be inappropriate for me to pull that dickish I'm-playing-a-whole-bunch-of-new-songs-you-don't-know-or-care-about stunt that acts tend to do when they've written some shiny new songs and don't want you to care about the old ones anymore.

What I'm going to do is the opposite - I'm going to lay myself open to abuse and say: this year at 2000Trees, you can pick my damn set.

The reasons are simple: I'm at 2000Trees again this year because you wanted me there. I have that on good authority. So, since I've neglected you all terribly this year etc, now you can at least have some influence on what I spend my time onstage doing. No juggling.

Let's be honest, I'm going to play Singalong, I'm also going to play We Are No Longer Twenty-Five, and I'm going to play Oh My Days. You can't pick one of those three because I've already picked them. Also I will play a couple (max) of new ones. The rest, though is up to you. Here's what you do.

If you came here from Facebook:
Leave the song names in the status. Actual song names please, not: "that one that goes ner-ner-nerrrr-nerrrrrr oh you know the one". Maximum of three please.

If you came here from Twitter:
Tweet me @benmarwoodmusic. I'll pick it up. Max three, again.

Alternatively, email me:
You can email me (probably) by clicking here, if for some reason you can't be bothered with Facebook or Twitter or you want to keep your requests private.

Right folks, I'm in your hands. See you on the 14th!
b. x