Wednesday, 13 June 2012

go to sleep

"go to sleep", i say.
"but look, it's 3am. i've given you the baseball to listen to. i've closed my eyes really tight. go to sleep"
"no, it is 10pm in florida"
"go to sleep"
"look, you've spent nine days convincing me I should be awake according to socially acceptable Florida terms, and now you want me to forget that?"
"but i have work tomorrow"

and this is the argument between me and my freshly jetlagged body on Tuesday night. today, it is Wednesday night. it is gone midnight, i don't feel too bad for my lack of sleep last night, and so tonight I guess we'll have the same battle, until gradually inch by inch I will drag my body back to Reading, UK.

i believe it was me who once wrote "before we go on, the honeymoon is over", although Mick Hucknall still gets all the credit, and I meant 'holiday' all along. sure enough, we painted pottery*, travelled into the heart of florida, watched the USA mens' soccer team, was vomited on by a puppy, walked in the park, ate a lot of junk, watched Men In Black III and watched Kenan and Kel in Good Burger (i'll leave it up to you, dear reader, to decide which of those two epic beasts was best).

now it's back to the glamorous life of being fed peeled grapes by my many slaves relaunching the webstore, and I dedicated some time yesterday to some vocal takes for alternate versions of songs that you quite possibly might never hear. i should still put the effort in to make these sound listenable, lest i be stabbed tomorrow by Chris Martin after our rivalry finally hits boiling point and my family release all the shit I didn't ever want any of you to hear, ever**.

i think i'm unpacked, i think i'm caught up, and from here on in I have sixteen days remaining until i'm due in for mixing. i've abandoned my initial plan to get everything recorded before the impending 1st July session, and instead will settle for everything apart from the backing vocals. and the banjo. and the main vocals.

but apart from that, everything.

oh, apart from the piano***.

roll on July.

b. x

*me and my girlfriend, not me and Mick Hucknall
**if only Kurt had considered the same
***and the glockenspiel