Monday, 26 September 2011

one down, nineteen to go

2011 careers towards winter and, if today is anything to go by, the sky looks set to hang heavy in autumnal grey anytime.. now. Or perhaps it was just because today was Monday, a day when even the brightest tapestry is reduced to the texture of soggy microwaved lasagne.

Actually even that's not as poor as the BBQ Chicken pizza I just attempted to eat. Oh Monday, i'll get you back for this.

As I type this I am one date into the final tour of the year - that one show being a delightful, smalltown show in my new favourite Glastonbury pub, the King Arthur. Friendly hosts, nice locals, and a couple of greatly entertaining supports - and with that out of the way, nineteen dates remain. Originally we were looking at one more, but due to that old enemy Miscommunication, the Oxford house show on 9th October is no longer going ahead. I'll still be at the Port Mahon on November 9th though.

The next leg of the tour takes us to the following places, all of which are with Oxygen Thief, who has been recording a new video this past weekend. More on that when.. he tells us more on that. Dates!

1 Manchester The Garrett (onstage 8.30pm)
2 Kidderminster The Swan (matinee show, doors 3pm)
7 Bristol Louisiana
8 Birmingham Bright House
9 House Show

Take it easy, kids!

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