Sunday, 11 September 2011

new song goes Mile High / tour dates confirmed

Hey all!

Stalkers take note - I've moved house. Alas, this means I'm mostly without internet until later this week, so hello from my parents' lounge with this important news update. My mum is currently down the pub, my dad is.. shortly on his way to the pub. It's good to have a routine.

After the warehouse fire that destroyed more or less the entire stock of Xtra Mile Recordings back at the start of August, those cheeky chaps are bouncing straight back into action with a compilation called Xtra Mile High Club Vol. 3 which, would you believe, is the third instalment in the Xtra Mile High Club series and is an iTunes exclusive.

Naturally I'm delighted to be included on such an awesome compilation. The track in question is a solo acoustic version of 'We Are No Longer Twenty-Five', which proved a big hit at shows this year. Also included on the compilation are the likes of Frank Turner, Chris T-T, Dive Dive, Franz Nicolay, Crazy Arm, Fighting Fiction and many, many more.

More information is available here - go see!

Yes, at long last, the full list of tour dates have been confirmed for the upcoming tour. Alors!

17 Glastonbury The King Arthur

1 Manchester The Garrett (OT) - free show
2 Kidderminster The Swan (OT) - matinee show, 3pm, free show
7 Bristol The Louisiana (OT)
8 Birmingham Bright House (OT) - free show
9 House Shows
29 London Borderline (DG)

4 London Wheelbarrow (KE)
6 Portsmouth Edge of the Wedge (KE)
9 Oxford Port Mahon
11 Bath Green Park Tavern (OT)
12 Leicester The Crumblin' Cookie (OT)
13 Cheltenham Slak (OT)
19 Reading Rising Sun Arts Centre (OT)
24 Swindon The Vic (OT)

2 House Show
3 York City Screen Basement Bar (OT)
4 House Shows

(OT) denotes with Oxygen Thief
(DG) as a guest of Dave J Giles
(KE) with Kyle D Evans and Mynameisian

See you out there!
b. x

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