Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Saturday, We Ride (or, Tina Fey is allergic to dogs)

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Friends, Romans, Countrymen

Send help. I am going crazy. In a few days I hit the road with one bag, one suitcase and one guitar to visit eight of my most favourite places in the United Kingdom and whilst I can't wait, I'm also praying for much better weather than the water of depression that has fallen from the sky in the past 48 hours. It's Wednesday evening. Precisely 52 hours ago I was in the sunshine feeding the ducks. The ducks.

Still, whilst the potential of being soaked through on a regular basis, that I'm relying mostly on public transport for getting from A to B to C to D and that I don't have a consistent touring partner on this tour accompanying me everywhere and generally helping me keep a grip on sanity, if the next eight dates are anything like the opening weekend in London and Reading I will be very happy indeed. Those two got their own weekend because I suspected they would be (and they were) complete carnage, so thanks to those of you who came, who sung, who shouted and who stayed on at the after parties (London: hip hop night, Reading: 80s night). Thanks especially to Jay and Scott from Quiet Quiet Band who formed my unconventional but highly impressive band for the one-off special album launch show.

On the topic of the album, I'm not sure how well it did, I don't think it charted anywhere (because I mostly directly you away from chart-legible sources, didn't I?) and I'm not aware of it winning all the music prizes yet, but I'm still proud of it and I'm glad people like it. The good folk of Adverse Camber had some questions for me regarding the making of the album and I was happy to answer and swear a bit whilst doing it. Join us as we discuss what would happen if I ever met Tina Fey, why I never have to do the garden ever again ever (ever) and also what it's like to be definitely not a murderer.

Read the interview here!

Right, now off with you. Pass my umbrella on your way out.

ps. York show is sold out! Well done York.


1st June - Leicester, Cookie Jar
2nd June - Birmingham, The Railway (also known as The Brighthouse)
3rd June - York, Black Swan
4th June - Dundee, Cerberus Bar
5th June - Edinburgh, Pivo
6th June - Manchester, Bay Horse
7th June - Cheltenham, Frog and Fiddle
8th June - Bristol, Louisiana

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