Sunday, 7 October 2012

new shows: Portsmouth, Reading, London and Devizes

Well howdy,

So it turns out, I have some shows coming up. It's been something of a rarity this year, what with gigs in 2012 being put on the back burner to allow me, in theory, to get some kind of life in my life/work balance. I think I hate the phrase "life/work balance" but it does come in useful when you want to describe the balance between life and work.



This is not an exhaustive to-the-end-of-the-year list, because I do expect a couple more to be confirmed, but here are the some which I am definitely, absolutely going to be playing at:

Sunday 21st SOUTHSEA/PORTSMOUTH Edge of the Wedge
w/Retrospective Soundtrack Players & Oxygen Thief
£5 adv - tickets here

Saturday 17th READING Rising Sun Arts Centre
w/Retrospective Soundtrack Players
£4 adv - tickets here

Sunday 18th LONDON Brixton Windmill
w/Retrospective Soundtrack Players
£4 adv

Friday 14th DEVIZES The Lamb
w/Beans on Toast
£5 adv - tickets here

Let the good times roll.