Saturday, 7 April 2012

the webstore cometh

In very-basic-coding news, I have spent a few evenings over the last couple of weeks trying to remember how to make things look nice in Internet Explorer (hint: it's hard), then I decided instead to make it competent.

When it became clear that my html knowledge does not extend to making things look competent in Internet Explorer, I built the damn thing anyway so you're going to have to either live with its clunky appearance or switch to Google Chrome for a 10% neater outlook. I'm not sure if anyone still uses Firefox and Safari, and I haven't tested it in either so if you do use either and it does work then let me know. You should also let me know if it makes your computer grow teeth and attack a sibling, votes Republican or attempts a military strike on Homs.

The star turn of the store is this little number, modelled by a goofball who spent a good few minutes trying to look less of a goofball in front of a mirror like a fourteen year old girl on Myspace in 2005.

Also, there are:

Xtra-Mile's official CDR copies of Outside There's A Curse

Broken Tail's last official promos of This Is Not What You Had Planned and the last of the real, actual stock of Exclamation At Asterisk Hash

The last of the Ben Marwood beanies and scarves from 2011, reduced to clear.

Plus a whole bundle of combo moves to deploy.

Now taking payment in the forms of all major credit cards, debit cards and interesting pieces of string through Paypal, who in internet terms are veterans of this here game.

With t-shirts, there'll be more designs and stuff to follow over the next few weeks, but I thought I'd start back at the start, in 2008, and finally turn that Get Cape joke back onto myself. I think we can all agree these shirts are long overdue, but I had to wait until I had some downtime to build the store and finalise a design, plus I was waiting for the tenth anniversary of the first solo show I ever had, which happened to be at Aldershot's West End Centre on March 13, 2002.

Happy birthday, me. I am ten.