Sunday, 17 April 2011

May 2nd is national Singalong day


So we're midway through April and time is running down - just a few (three!) weeks now until I leave for the Frank Turner tour and to celebrate, Xtra Mile are giving 'Singalong' a push and releasing it as a single on May 2nd as a digital download. Obviously, it's out already as part of the album so if you're reading this and you have the album, well done you. The idea, though, is to bring me to a new set of ears, such as the lovely blogsite The Ruckus who ran a little piece on it here.

There have been some questions raised regarding my show at Cathedral Crypt in Liverpool, as it's not escaped some people's attention that I'm not officially listed as a support. I've been reliably informed that I am, and if that changes i'll let you know. I'll be there in any event. Maybe I should gig in the car park.

In other fantastic news, I notice I somehow broke the 3,000 listeners barrier on this week. Thanks to all who continue to recommend and promote what I do. Your musical taste is highly questionable, but your soul is sparkly. Believe. Seriously though, it took me five years to get the first 2,000, and the next 1,000 follows in three months. It's the power of the album..

Meanwhile, if you can't get out and catch me on the Turner tour, I fully recommend you instead go and see Oxygen Thief when he plays near you. His debut album Destroy It Yourself is out May 9th on my label, Broken Tail Records, and he will shortly be calling at the following sexy venues:

2nd BIRMINGHAM Adam & Eve
3rd OXFORD Café Tarifa
4th BRISTOL Mother's Ruin
5th BRIGHTON The Cobber's Thumb
6th KINGSTON Banquet Records instore, 6pm
8th CHELTENHAM Trees On Fire all dayer @ Frog & Fiddle
13th KINGSTON The Cricketer's
21st DUBLIN Tower Records instore, 3pm
27th BRISTOL Croft (w/Chris T-T)
28th DEVIZES The Lamb

4th PLYMOUTH Jack Chams

That's it for now, but you'll be hearing some more from me shortly..
b. x

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