Wednesday, 12 January 2011

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HI 2011

So it turns out that 2010 was the best year in the history of the world, beating other years like The Year The Internet Was Invented and suchandsuch. Highlights can all be seen on Charlie Brooker's 2010-Wipe or whatever that programme was called where he told us all how great/shit the year was.

But despite my constant pleas, letters to his house and threats to his loved ones, Charles failed to mention that 2010 was not just the year students rioted, Ann Widdecombe descended from the sky on a wire and turd-disguised-as-genius Avatar smashed records at the box office for both ticket sales and most ridiculous name for a hard-to-find-mineral (Unobtainium? Unintelligum), it was also the year I finished my album and somehow convinced Xtra Mile it would be a good idea to release it with a little help from my friends. And a really big knife.

To the important part: Outside There's A Curse is out on January 31st via Xtra Mile Recordings, it has a page on Amazon you can sign up to here and they'll tell you when it's becoming available (surely, people, this is The Future we live in), or..

I like Banquet, and you should too.

Just FYI, the tracklist is wrong on that webpage due to my uhtardedly long songtitles, and should be thusly:

1. I Will Breathe You In
2. Singalong
3. Toil
4. A Shower of Bastards
5. They Will Float Your Body Out To Sea
6. It's Harder Now To Break Your Stupid Heart
7. Oh My Days
8. JJ Abrams
9. Tell Avril Lavigne I Never Wanted To Be Her Stupid Boyfriend Anyway
10. The District Sleeps Alone Tonight

Go crazy!

To celebrate the album launch, I shall be playing an instore at the very same Banquet Records in Kingston at 6pm on the 31st, which you can find out more about by clicking any of the links in this paragraph as they all point to the same damn page.

Basically it's ticket-only, but tickets are free from Banquet Records, and you can request them when you pre-order the album in the comments box, or you can pick them up by requesting them in store in person. I guess you could also call them up.

Sat 15th - Leeds Cardigan Arms
Sun 16th - Cheltenham Slak
Tues 18th - Bristol Louisiana
Weds 19th - Oxford G&D's Cowley Road
Thurs 20th - York City Screen Basement Bar
Sat 22nd - Farnsfield Acoustic (Village Centre)
Sun 23rd - Swindon The Vic
Fri 28th - Reading Rising Sun Arts Centre
Sat 29th - Birmingham Brighthouse
Sun 30th - London Wilmington Arms
Mon 31st - Kingston Banquet Records (6pm start)

Much love

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