Saturday, 11 September 2010

surviving the quiet

hi all

still not dead. just relaxing. i'm sat in my parents' dining room enjoying a relaxing family day, but more about the family tomorrow as well as some traumatising (and, i'm sure you'll all agree, hotly-anticipated) news on my washing machine.

a review of the derby show has appeared here:

which essentially says i'm a) good and b) a frank turner wannabe/apprentice. friend will do just fine, thanks. i don't think i could be The Next Frank Turner due to my ineptitude at writing singalongs, aside from.. er.. 'Singalong', though apprentice would be nice if i come out of it at the end with a qualification. I guess in a way, over the past couple of months, I've completed a brief course at Playing Bigger Venues Than Normalology, and Meeting Some People That Rule.. Studies?

more soon, but i think i'm being kicked off the computer..

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