Sunday, 7 March 2010

don't hold your breath

so you might have noticed there was no free mp3 in the utter write-off month that February became.

well, notice no more, it's here:

Hold Your Breath (2010 version)
just over three years on from the original's initial release, this is an updated version, originally recorded as a b-side before i realised exactly how many b-sides i have recorded now. so here it is, all yours, to relive days gone by.

so i guess that takes care of February.. we are in March though, so it's time to offer something else: an alternative version to the upcoming album version of 'Toil'. three versions of this song exist - the full band version from the upcoming album, the version that starts as a cover of Jay Z's '99 Problems' which will likely never see the light of die for obvious copyright reasons, and this acoustic-only version. it's a little more personal than the 'proper' one, if decidedly no-frills, but it's worth a free punt nonetheless..

Toil (alternative version)

Love to all.
b. x

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