Friday, 25 December 2009

merry christmas (aka A Lack of Color for free)

short and sweet, as it's currently balls o'clock on what is now technically Boxing Day in the UK,

the presents have been opened, turkey devoured save for the leftovers to go in sandwiches for the next.. ooh.. fifty-two weeks and bad tv digested (Doctor Who the main culprit, a soul-crushing example of snatching heavy defeat from the jaws of televisual victory - how these scriptwriters can write some of the best and, a few minutes later, the worst tv you'll see in a year beggars belief).

and now i sit, late at night, offering you a present of sorts. technically it's the free mp3 for the month of January, but the time is right. find below the link to the free download of my cover of Death Cab For Cutie's A Lack of Color. I couldn't decide whether this was a correct title to be had in England, so it's now officially A Lack of Colo(u)r.

special thanks to Barry/Oxygen Thief who bought me the Cyanide and Happiness book for Christmas, highlights below:

happy (dark humour) yule!

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